4. Common XML Structures

METdbload and the batch plotting module both use XML input files. Some XML structures can be used in either input file. These common structures are documented below.

<connection>: Information about the database connection.

<host>: Database hostname and port number in [host]:[port] format.
<database>: One or more existing database names that start with 'mv_' separated by commas. Only one name for loading.
<user>: Database user.
<password>: Database user’s password.
<management_system>: Database type. Can be mysql, mariadb, or aurora.


<date_list>: A structure that specifies a list of date strings in a certain format. Has a name attribute.

<start>: The start date and time of the date list, specified in the format given by the tag <format>
<end>: The end date and time, specified in the format given by the tag <format>
<inc>: The increment, in seconds, between successive members of the date list.
<format>: The date format, specified by the java class SimpleDateFormat, example yyyyMMddHH.