2. METdataio Release Information

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature: METdataio GitHub issues.

2.1. METdataio Release Notes

2.1.1. METdataio Version 2.1.1 release notes (20240123)

  • Bugfix for TC Pairs files not loading into database (#260)

2.1.2. METdataio Version 2.1.0 release notes (20230726)

New Functionality
  • Upgrade to using Python 3.10.4 (#176)

  • Enhance the Release Notes by adding dropdown menus (#193)

  • Add documentation for loading data into database (#213)

  • Add ‘LICENSE.md’ to the METdatio repo (#184)

  • Stored schema update schema update scripts in repo (#208)

  • Partial work on STIGS and logging (#45)

  • Feature develop update install files (#215)

  • New way of reading files did not handle files with headers but no data (#181)

  • Fixed checking for all files invalid (#206)

  • Fixed use case failure when loading data via XML (#204)

2.2. METdataio Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade instructions will be listed here if they are applicable for this release.